About Our Founder

Joe Robertson - Director

Joe was born in London in 1985 but moved to Newcastle upon Tyne when he was still a young boy. He went to University in Bradford and studied Islamic Law, International Crime and Creative Writing. An ardent fan of Newcastle United Football Club, Joe loves going to St James’ Park with his family and friends.

Joe began his recruitment career at Salt in London specialising in the recruitment of digital marketing professionals. He then decided to move to Australia for a year working for a listed agency in the senior finance market. More recently Joe spent 2 years setting up the corporate finance desk at a boutique firm and still to this day loves working in M&A, reading as much as he can about the industry.


Robertson Wright is founded on a strong history of successful recruitment work spanning the realms of finance, marketing, construction and technology. We have worked with bulge bracket banks, FTSE 100 corporations, but also small up and coming businesses making exciting advances in digital media and sustainable energy.

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Our goal is to become a trusted and well respected partner to our candidates and clients. We aim to build long lasting relationships and transmit our enthusiasm to the people we connect with.

The alliances with our candidates are integral to our way of thinking. We are keen not to over-sell opportunities but rather collaborate with job seekers continually; providing the necessary support for a smooth and successful job hunt.

In a highly competitive market we can add something fresh with our flexible and forward-thinking approach. We want to make a contribution to the industry for the right reasons – building a brand based on our values that represents us and our partnerships positively. 


Robertson Wright is built on four core values – integrity, passion, flexibility and results. Every time we interact with people we adhere to these principles.

We are committed to these values whenever we undertake a search and we are proud to say that these are the beliefs that our business is built upon. The foundations for our work and the building blocks to success.


Recruitment is a relationship based business and we believe wholeheartedly that acting with integrity is the best way to help our candidates and clients achieve their goals efficiently.

At Robertson Wright we pride ourselves on a discreet service to our candidates when representing them. Every candidate that works with us will have their CV stored confidentially and it will not be sent anywhere without permission.

The promises we make are deliverable, the projects undertaken aren’t miss sold and any brands we work with will be represented professionally. Robertson Wright is synonymous with integrity.


Every person we connect with has a distinct set of challenges when it comes to either hiring or searching for a new role. Therefore, we believe offering flexibility is the key to delivering the right outcome. We can tailor our service to suit each situation depending on what you need or where you are in your journey. We understand everyone is different so we are here to listen and find a solution that works for each individual.

Being flexible has huge benefits for our customers, we can come up with creative ideas on how to solve any issues whether that’s at the front or the back end of the recruitment process. We are here to help get the right result for you – anyway we can!


We are passionate about people! It’s this love for people that inspires us every day to work harder and be better. We are always striving to improve our service and develop the business because we pride ourselves on the work we do. Due care and attention is taken at each stage of the process to ensure smooth and successful progress.

The industries we recruit in are real passion projects to every one of us, meaning we enjoy researching the various verticals we specialise in. Every consultant stays on top of the market trends relevant to their specialism, networking at events, building a name for themselves within 1 of our 4 key disciplines.


At the end of the day the most important part of our job is completing the task at hand. That’s why we are committed to getting results! Every time a client retains our services or a candidate enquires about new roles we aim to bring back success and will work tirelessly for the desired outcome.

We have managed to build a name for ourselves because we are consistently delivering on our promises to our candidates and clients.

It is our duty to deliver the right conclusion!