Here at Robertson Wright we get the high growth space! It’s something we’re passionate about, something that interests and excites us. We have strong industry connections in the field and can point to a substantial number of mandates completed ranging from cyber security, Ecommerce and energy.

We have played an integral role in helping many businesses find key talent that helps drive their venture forward. We can boast a strong network of executives that bring about the kind of crucial change an early stage business needs to get to the next level. These people have included founders who can show a history of successful “scale and sell”, leaders in technology who can bring your product to new platforms, marketing gurus who widen the reach of sales and finance professionals that can raise crucial investment. These people can make all the difference! They can take you to that next round of funding and elevate the brand from something small to something significant.

We share the ambition of our candidates and clients in the startup arena. We share the drive to innovate and the will to take risks. Here at Robertson Wright we are constantly looking to evolve our operation so we are always seeking new and exciting ways to disrupt the recruitment industry.

Each one of our clients is different and therefore we tailor our service accordingly. We are happy to be flexible and get creative in whatever way helps. This means we can provide you with a customised staffing solution.

We are continually finding the next superstar, connecting the next partnership and delivering the team of the future. We want to share in your journey whether you’re looking for your dream job or you want to push your project to new heights.